November 2


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The best way to build this campaign and bring the maximum number of voters to the polls on November 2nd 2004, is for each of us to encourage our friends and family members to get involved. If 10 of us each recruit 10 friends, and those 10 people recruit a further 10 people, the numbers soon multiply!

Call up your friends and tell them why you care about this election and why encouraging young, low income and minority voters to make their voices heard can have such a powerful, progressive impact on our democracy. Let them know how easy it is to use our website and to call voters. If they're interested, why not suggest you make a commitment to one each other to each make 50 calls between now and November 2nd? Or plan to make some calls together?

If you'd like to send friends and family an email to encourage them to get involved, either click here and an email will appear, or copy the text below and paste it into a new email message. Take a few moments to personalize the email since your friends and family will want to hear what you think about this campaign, not just what we have to say about it!


Subject line: A Simple, Effective Way For You To Make A Difference in November's Election

Email text:
Dear Friend,

November 2nd 2004 may be the most important election of our lives, but millions of people, including many of those most affected by government policies, will not show up to vote on election day. Here's a simple way that you can make a huge difference: make brief phone calls to encourage low-income, minority and young voters to go vote. It's simple, quick, and enormously effective. Just click on the link to sign up and start calling:

Over 2 million young, low income and minority voters have registered to vote in this election for the first time ever. If all these people vote, they have the potential to make a powerfully progressive impact on American democracy, compelling our leaders to bring greater justice to our country, and peace to the world. Experts agree that calling voters can make all the difference between them voting and not voting. Sign up and start calling today!

The set up is simple and easy to use. You can call from anywhere you have a phone and access to the web. You can call as many, or as few people as you like - there's no minimum or maximum commitment required.

Best wishes,

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